Risks of Poor Software Testing: Ways is can Cost Your Business

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While most people claim to appreciate the importance of software testing, companies often prioritize developing or installing new software quickly over rigorous testing. While managers might be aware of some of the obvious risks, many fail to fully appreciate just how dangerous improper software testing can be. Here are a few risks companies take when they neglect system integration testing and other tests.

Latest Alternatives for GPS Indoor Navigation

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Courtesy of Global Positioning System (GPS) technology, you can easily move into unfamiliar territories without the worry of getting lost or having to stop to ask for directions from strangers. More importantly, GPS has been influential in preventing the loss of lives through accidents as well as helping in search and rescue missions as well as in speeding up delivery of emergency medical assistance services. Simply put, the technology is rivaled only by the internet in its application in mankind’s activities. However, there is a single flaw: its application as an indoor positioning system is quite challenging, sometimes impossible. Remember, however, that the main reason behind the use of WiFi in indoor navigation is the reduction of the large error margin that would have been experienced with the use of GPS.

Should You Run Your Operations From The Cloud?

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As most Canadians know, inexpensive Internet connections have allowed companies to move more of their business software online, giving business owners a lot more flexibility when it comes to how they operate their business. Most of the money that it saved was due to being able to use less IT Support Toronto people onsite. They no longer need to have people in a traditional office setting in order to be successful.

How To Create A Great Help Desk

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Help desk operations maximize the use of your business IT management software infrastructure by providing a systematic process for identifying and resolving issues. Help desks in any environment can increase expenses without proper planning, so your company must prioritize the creation of a lean help desk that optimizes efficiency while providing superb service and support. Get started with the following tips.

Microsoft Office 2010 Highlights and Tips

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Microsoft Office has been the most popular suite of software tools for decades. The new Microsoft Office 2010 gives you the ability to create and organize documents more efficiently. There are powerful editing and revising tools for document creation. If you understand the changes between Microsoft 2003 to Microsoft 2010, then you will understand how to streamline your tabs to give you more program variety features. You can buy Microsoft Office 2010 by visiting their website, or visit your local office supply.

Microsoft Office Remains a Cost-effective Option for Businesses

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Microsoft Office 2007 can provide a budget-friendly alternative for businesses and users who are seeking a full-featured office suite. While later versions of the software may include a few new features, added tweaks and support for a wider range of platforms and tasks, choosing to buy Microsoft Office 2007 instead of a newer version can allow businesses to save a great deal, especially larger organizations required to furnish a wide range of digital resources, applications and features for their existing and future staff. Investing in an older version of Microsoft’s flagship office suite can often be the most effective option for companies seeking to reduce overhead costs.

Helpdesk Software: Keeping IT Issues At Bay

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Helpdesk Software

Companies face pressure on every side to reduce costs, causing many to slash their IT departments to the bare-bones. Alongside their reduced staff, technological demands increase, putting the squeeze on many organizations. Employees faced with deadlines and productivity requirements count on their workstations and devices to meet their responsibilities. Without helpdesk software, IT staffers struggle to meet the demand for their services.

Problems with software and operating systems can result in expensive work stoppages and slowdowns that threaten profitability and create dissatisfied customers. Helpdesk software can keep IT issues at bay by empowering IT workers with needed tools for maintaining the equipment needed to maintain a large workforce online and on track.

Business Information Security: Document Shredding Tips

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Paper Shredding Toronto

Identity and information theft has been on the rise in the past few years, leaving millions of victims to face financial and legal problems. If you throw away any document with your signature, Social Security number, account number, or legal information. Identity thieves who find any of these documents can easily use the information at your expense. To avoid this, many individuals and businesses practice document shredding.

Putting documents through a paper shredder can bring you peace of mind and greatly reduce the risk of a criminal stealing your identity or other important business information.

Choose the Right Shredder

Choosing the right shredder for document destruction is vital. Some shredders cut documents into strips that are wide enough to still show full names, signatures, or numbers. For strong information security, be sure that your shredder actually destroys the information. You can use a cross-cut shredder, which shreds paper from two directions and makes the documents almost impossible to restore.

Consider how many people will be using the paper shredder. Shredders come in a variety of sizes and capacities, so the ideal shredder for an individual user will be different from the ideal shredder for an entire office. Similarly, consider how many documents will go through the shredder per month. If you plan on shredding less than 100 papers per month, you can probably use an average home paper shredder. If you and your employees will need to shred much more, consider hiring a professional paper shredding services Toronto.

Windows 8: The OS for the Post-PC World

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In the world of computers and applications, Microsoft is in a class of its own. The company has developed many operating systems from the complex like MS-DOS to the user-friendly Windows 8. MS-DOS and its predecessors laid the foundation for the development of Windows 8 operating system. The OS allows users to access various resources and functions including software and hardware. Many people buy Windows 8 because they can use it on their PCs as well as on touch screen devices like tablets and smartphones.

Enterprise DNS Security – Why Is It So Important To Have?

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When computers first hit the market, they came with very little security. Hackers can easily manipulate the codes within the computer in order to break in and steal valuable information. This was most commonly done through the IP address of a website on the internet. DNS, or Domain Name System, translates a website’s host name into its IP address and vice versa. In other words, DNS security makes our lives easier by allowing us to use the name of a website instead of remembering bunch of numbers.

How does it work?

Your computer uses a DNS server whether you are sending an e-mail or connecting to a website. It looks up the domain name you are trying to access. There are various DNS servers out there, so how does your computer know which one to use? It is identified through your personal WiFi network on your modem/router at home. The modem you are using sends signals to your computer, tablet, or mobile device which uses DNS servers when converting names to IP addresses. A website’s IP address can change over time, or have multiple addresses linked to a single website. DNS is able to keep up with these consistent changes because it is always evolving.