How Security Guard Management Software Will Save You On Reports

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Efforts to manage a security staff, department or service provide that utilize a conventional record-keeping process may result in numerous problems and issues. Security guard management software allows for more accurate digital reporting, more efficient scheduling and optimized workflow able to ensure superior diligence and efficiency. From small in-house security departments to the largest firms and service providers, resources like a digital incident management system and applications that ensure security guard tracking efforts are able to be as effective as possible can make a considerable difference.

How Virtualization Is Transforming Aircraft Maintenance Software

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Through support for virtualization, aircraft maintenance software is becoming more versatile because the user experience is no longer tethered to a particular hardware platform. To appreciate just one way in which virtualization can save time and therefore money, consider a scenario where a smartphone serves as a remote terminal that an engineer uses to request the part that he or she needs.

What Virtualization Is

Although virtualization is relatively new to the world of aircraft maintenance software, it is not a new concept at all. In fact, the technique was first used in a rudimentary way to share mainframe resources as far back as the 1960s. At its core, virtualization is a means of using available computer hardware in the most efficient means possible, and thanks to modern techniques and sophisticated hardware, it is often possible to have a virtual server that is not dependent on hardware specifications.

Avoiding Downtime

In an aircraft maintenance environment, system downtime is a disaster. That entire local organization relies on that system, and its failure sets off a chain reaction.  The cost of downtime could lose companies thousands of dollars a minute, and in commercial environments, that domino effect can reach as far back as consumers dealing with delayed flights or important packages not making it to their destination on time.

The most common reason for downtime of aircraft maintenance software is hardware failure. In the past, if a mainboard failed, then the AMS system was down until an IT specialist could acquire a new board, replace it, reboot the system and reconfigure it. In a virtualized system, the AMS is not dependent on that particular mainboard. In fact, there are additional mainboards waiting in the wings. As one fails, another steps up, and the IT department can replace the bad board under no pressure.

Data Virtualization

There are many ways that virtualization is transforming the aircraft maintenance industry. So far we’ve mentioned virtual desktops and server virtualization. A third method is data virtualization. Here, the goal is to eliminate the dependencies between the data storage systems, the data retrieval mechanisms and the people and services who consume the data.

Such virtualization is making file storage and handling more efficient because many people and services need access to the data at the same time. With virtualization, an engineer can request rivets on-site while an off-site vendor fills an order based on lowering rivet stock and a management service queries the database in order to analyze increased rivet usage over the last 12 months.

Introducing Menuito

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Today I’m pleased to share a project that’s been in the works for about two and a half years. More accurately, it’s been in the thinking for a little under two years and in the actual making for the last nine months. Its name is Menuito. Menuito is self-hosted web software that helps restaurants look […]


I’ve been watching reviews of RIM’s Playbook keenly, not because I particularly want one but because I’m curious to see how this company faces what is now clearly a turning point in its life. Pressure has been building up on RIM to deliver something that reinvigorates its place in the market as an innovator and […]

The Essence of Making Great Stuff

By way of Matthew Frederick’s excellent 101 Things I Learned in Architecture School (Amazon), I came across a Virginia Woolf quote that captures a kind of elemental truth about why some brands and products soar while others flop, despite having comparable or even better features. The success of the masterpieces seems not to lie in […]

The Deadly Ease of Happy Promises

Last week an independent developer brought a storm of attention on the process of starting to make apps for RIM’s upcoming Playbook tablet. Over the weekend a RIM representative posted an open answer to the open letter on the Inside Blackberry Developer’s Blog, trying to do the right thing. The response, unfortunately, falls short and […]

Two Tales From the Edges of Algorithms

Two short tales landed in my view this past week that provide lessons on the difficulties of getting computers to take over complex problems in their entirety.

2010: A Year of Inflection Points

Fans of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy are familiar with the Infinite Improbability Drive, a spacecraft engine fuelled by the energy of highly improbably events. Fans of this blog (both of them) will be keen to learn about the Corvus Irony Timing Chain, which prevents me from writing year-in-review posts until a few days […]

Making Menuito 1: Vision

Keeping true to my word, more on how Menuito came into being. In this post I’ll share the vision that set the course and informed the design decisions along the way.

Making Menuito 2: Front End IA and Interaction Design

Continuing to make meaty blog posts out of design leftovers, we now arrive at something substantial: the information and interaction design for a Menuito site. Click on through for sumptuous wireframes, raw early designs and the plated finished work to see how it all unfolded.