5 Reasons Why You Should Consider VPS Hosting for Your Business

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VPS hosting has become a popular hosting solution for businesses thanks to its scalability and dedicated resources. If you are seeking to improve your sites user experience, VPS provides you with an array of customization options. Besides that, there are many other reasons why you might consider a VPS server over dedicated or shared servers. Below are the top 5.

1. It Addresses your Expansion Needs

Every business owner aims to grow. To accommodate the extra resources and traffic that comes with this growth, you will need an expandable and scalable server. Shared hosting plans provide limited space due to a large number of clients hosted on a single server. VPS is designed using the virtualization technology. This means that they have a relatively unlimited space for each customer. Therefore, a logical move to solve your site expansion problems would be to move to a VPS server.

2. More Control Over Your Hosting Environment

VPS hosting provides you with more control over the applications and resources on your website. In addition to that, you can manage all the hosting operations conveniently from any geographical location. Once you log into the secure administrator panel, you can upload new content, edit the existing ones, and install new apps remotely.

3. It offers a Great Deal of Independence

When you purchase a VPS server space, you are provided with a section of the server that is exclusive to your business. The dedicated space also comes with rebooting capabilities. Consequently, each dedicated server is independent of the other clients’ servers. Therefore, their activities do not interfere with your operations.

4. VPSs are Very Secure

Every client hosted by a VPS is given a dedicated IP address and a unique password. Each server is a fitted with multi-layered protection and firewalls for protection. This makes them a great option for business hosting.

In shared servers, clients have been unable to install certain software packages due to the security restrictions in such servers. With VPS hosting, that has never been an issue.

5. VPS is Nearly as Effective as the Expensive Dedicated Servers

VPSs occupy the technological space between the shared servers and the dedicated servers. While dedicated servers are efficient and robust, they are rather expensive and might be overkill for a small business. VPS, which is slightly cheaper, also allows multiple users to use dedicated setups found on a single server. They are best suited for a growing business.

VPS hosting is undoubtedly one of the best hosting upgrades for business owners who are currently using the conventional shared hosting. At a relatively low price, VPS will allow you to enjoy a dedicated server space, better control, robust security, and a huge scalability potential. There are plenty of resources available at the Cirrus Hosting website for more information.

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