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Personal computers are a vital part of billions of people each day. The PC functions are used for more functions than anyone could have imagined just a few years ago. Public expectations have increased over the years and Windows 7 delivers what you would expect to find from a PC. There are hundreds of improvements that reduce problems when performing tasks on your PC. Windows 7 also helps you manage everyday tasks with a streamlined interface that is easy to use. Save money when you buy Windows 7 online during special promotions. You can also get used copies for less money with a little research. If you own a business, then you need to purchase Windows 7 Professional edition.


Why Windows 7?

The market trends that inspired the new software includes hardware advances, the sophistication of devices and growth of mobile computing. There are also more connection options where the Internet is available at many fast food restaurants or coffee shops. Many users want to connect multiple PCs in their home. You will find five different versions of Windows 7 that include starter, home basic, home premium, professional and the ultimate edition.


The Starter Edition is considered the entry-level edition for notebooks or PCs with limited hardware. The Home Basic version makes daily tasks faster and easier. This edition is designed for value PCs in emerging markets. Home Premium is the best entertainment experience on your PC. This edition provides full functionality on the latest hardware. It is also easy to connect and offers a visually rich environment.


The Professional edition is used for both work and home. This version is perfect for small and medium-sized businesses. The Enterprise Windows Ultimate version is exclusively for people who want everything the software has to offer. It is easy for you to upgrade to another version whenever you are ready. Updating from Windows XP gives you the latest hardware if your computer meets the minimum specifications.


If you are not sure whether you can upgrade to the new software, you can run an Upgrade Adviser. This will check your computer for compatibility issues and give you a report. It will also give you suggestions for the next steps to upgrade. The Windows Compatibility Center works with your computer and ensures you have the latest updates. The Compatibility Center is updated frequently so you can find the most current software and drivers to ensure everything runs smoothly.


Share your feedback with Microsoft to help improve the Windows community and your experience. Windows Easy Transfer helps you move program and system settings from your old PC to your new one. The transfer can be left unattended and will show you any items that failed to transfer.

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