Corvus Lands

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It’s hard to believe it’s been eight years since I put up the Corvus Consulting shingle. That is, until I look back and recount the projects and clients I’ve worked with, and realize it’s been a very full time.

Working solo brings certain freedoms, in decision-making, in working style, in choosing when not to work. But it also brings a lot of limitations, the kind that slowly diminish how much you can grow and the challenges you can take on.

So it’s time for a change. In the past year plus I’ve been working with Tylor Sherman, first on a small side project now in the freezer but not forgotten, then on Menuito. Our skills and dispositions work well together, and when we both found ourselves thinking next career steps we decided to team up. With that, the Corvus Consulting name is being retired, and I’m very pleased to point you to the launch of Denim & Steel. Our focus will naturally be on web and iOS applications, and we’re happy to hang our new shingle with three client projects already on the go.

For current clients very little will change: same price, same contact person, same way of working, same mission to make things better. But there will also be new opportunities, as Denim & Steel is a design+build agency with a full set of development skills to complement the experience design and product management smarts.

It’s an exciting move to make, and some of you already know from our quiet launch last week but this makes it that much more real. If you didn’t catch that moment, now’s the time to take a look at the brand new Denim & Steel website, and follow us on Twitter at @denimandsteel. It’s been good having you visit here; it’ll be good to see you there.

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