How To Create A Great Help Desk

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Help desk operations maximize the use of your business IT infrastructure by providing a systematic process for identifying and resolving issues. Help desks in any environment can increase expenses without proper planning, so your company must prioritize the creation of a lean help desk that optimizes efficiency while providing superb service and support. Get started with the following tips.

Get the Right Tools

Help desks can achieve remarkable results when they have access to the right equipment. Companies must first have the necessary hardware in place to operate a secure network and productive workstations before they create their help desk. Creating a great help desk also requires IT management software that meets organizational needs and the hardware as well as the hardware to support it. Such software can automate everything from the creation of trouble reports to IP address management, reducing staffing requirements. An effective IT monitoring platform will proactively alert IT workers when equipment fails and security events occur. Most of all, make sure your gear supports remote monitoring and management (RMM), so you can support multiple locations from a single office.

Get the Right Process

Great equipment and IT management software don’t guarantee good results from your help desk. Study the needs of your organization and craft comprehensive policies and procedures that support a logical workflow. Make sure your systems provide for contingencies, so everyone involved knows what to do when they encounter various types of problems. Every step of creating a help desk ticket manually or via your IT monitoring platform should avoid redundancy while reflecting the priorities established by your firm. After receiving an open ticket, your helpdesk software should assign issues to the personnel who have the skills necessary to resolve them. Problem resolution clears the way for IT specialists to record their experience in a knowledge base that can speed the resolution of similar future problems.

Get the Right People

Recruit and hire individuals with the necessary talent and experience to support your organization, rather than trying to economize on your IT staff. Qualified workers might cost more initially, but they can reduce the size of the staff needed to meet your support requirements and optimize the use and performance of available technologies, including RMM. Don’t rush to add people to your team. Instead, wait until you find the right people to ensure your help desk meets your requirements.

Combine the right too and procedures with the best people, and you will have a great help desk that minimizes downtime and provides an exceptional service level. When done correctly, creating a help desk can drive your firm’s productivity and profitability.

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