Microsoft Office 2010 Highlights and Tips

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Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office has been the most popular suite of software tools for decades. The new Microsoft Office 2010 gives you the ability to create and organize documents more efficiently. There are powerful editing and revising tools for document creation. If you understand the changes between Microsoft 2003 to Microsoft 2010, then you will understand how to streamline your tabs to give you more program variety features. You can buy Microsoft Office 2010 by visiting their website, or visit your local office supply.

Microsoft Word 2010 Highlights
Start by opening Outlook to become familiar with the new program features. Create a new document by opening the blank document under the file tab. Word 2010 gives you powerful features such as built-in templates that help you create business cards, calendars, resumes and faxes. You can also format a document by modifying the text size or adding graphics.

Creating Document Graphics
Add graphics such as shapes to your document by using the Insert tab. The drop-down menu gives you Illustrations group. From there you can click Shapes and add one shape or multiple shapes to make a drawing. You can also add text to a shade and rotate or flip it. Advanced formatting techniques are used in newsletters and brochures in Word 2010.

Popular New Features
The first thing you will notice about Microsoft 2010 is the updated menu system. The new ribbon is more innovative than Office 2007. Home menu systems have a new layout that may take some time to learn. The new print and print preview menu is cleaner than the old versions. The PowerPoint Screen gives you more options such as screen captures and video editing tools.

Microsoft 2010 also has stronger security settings that keep your files safer than previous versions. Office web apps are streamlined and make learning fast and easy. The web applications work in multiple browsers. Advanced functions allow you to connect with most mobile browsers.

PowerPoint 2010 Tips
Organizing your presentations in PowerPoint has never been easier than the 2010 version. Themes for document creation control how your presentation looks. These themes are supplied by Microsoft but you can create your own. There are animations set up on the Slide Master that give your presentation a sleek, professional look. You can also embed videos in PowerPoint 2010. There are some limitations when it comes to using Flash in PowerPoint.

Microsoft 2010 does take a little time to get used to the new programs, but they are worth learning. Document creation is fast and professional with new mobile apps that streamline the tasks. There are a variety of online tutorials that specifically go over each of the new features and gives you tips and tricks for navigation.

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