Should You Run Your Operations From The Cloud?

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As most Canadians know, inexpensive Internet connections have allowed companies to move more of their business software online, giving business owners a lot more flexibility when it comes to how they operate their business. They no longer need to have people in a traditional office setting in order to be successful.

Proof came early

The conventional wisdom used to be that if you had a business that was ‘virtual’ and had no centralized corporate campus or office structure, you could never be large. That proved to be mostly true until MySQL, the database company acquired by Oracle, managed to build itself into a multi-billion dollar (US) company while it was considered to be virtual.

Their decentralized approach to management is at the core of some of the design work done on cloud applications that put your most of your staff’s entire workday online. For workers, one large positive turned out to be that they could work from anywhere without any productivity loss- sending a lot of people to new living places at the beach or in the mountains so that they could enjoy themselves when they were not working.

Support is strong and typically less expensive

When you make a move to the cloud with your productivity applications, one of the largest cost savings will be the IT work and IT support that you normally pay for on-site. The city of Los Angeles saved a substantial amount of money when it switched to Google applications. Most of the money that it saved was due to being able to use less IT support people onsite.

IT consulting services inside Canada can show you how to achieve and optimize some of the cost savings. They can also show you some of the most popular ERP and CRM solutions.

The ERP comes of age

Known as enterprise resource planning software, the ERP market is full of entries that promise a full set of features using cloud based software. One offering named Odoo does not charge users who opt to use the community edition. Using their software you can run your entire manufacturing, service, or retail operation and save quite a bit of money because you will likely outsource your IT support, there is no license fee, and the software is so powerful that your company will likely end up being more efficient.

Running your operations from the cloud requires adding productivity applications like Microsoft Office and your business tool software like an ERP to a hosting provider account online. When you do so, you should end up saving time and money on labor and equipment.

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