2010: A Year of Inflection Points

Fans of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy are familiar with the Infinite Improbability Drive, a spacecraft engine fuelled by the energy of highly improbably events. Fans of this blog (both of them) will be keen to learn about the Corvus Irony Timing Chain, which prevents me from writing year-in-review posts until a few days […]

Tiny Steps to Raskin’s Unification

I’ve taken a shine to a couple of blogs that focus on small touches that make software experiences smoother, and might often otherwise go unnoticed (as good design, by its nature, often does). Little Big Details was the first of this breed, and sets a standard for an observant eye and the ability to dive […]

When More is More in Signup Forms

April 27, 2010 No comments Tags:,

A prevailing direction in online registration has been to ask only for the minimum information required to create an account.It sounds like a surefire formula: less=easier=better=more customers. Despite whittling down what we ask for at registration and innovations using 3rd parties as authentication points and basic profile data sources, we never seem to get past […]