Things to Consider When Choosing a Website Visitor Tracking Software

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Your business should embrace a website visitor tracking software as a major analytical tool. A website visitor tracking tool enables you to see the number of people on your site, their sources and the specific actions they take. However, you can only benefit from these features if you choose the right software. Here are things you need to consider.

Try before you buy

The software should allow free demo. The last thing you want is to end up with a cumbersome and complicated system that lacks user friendliness and doesn’t satisfy your specific needs. There are a wide variety of products out there that run with different features. The only sure way to know whether a platform will work is to try it first. The best idea is to let everyone in your marketing team try it and give you feedback.

Determine whether the software provides a real-time data analysis

Real-time data analysis is essential for a business that is looking forward to increased lead generation and conversion rates. Your business may need real-time data as it expands and tries to catch up with the advancing technology. Real-time flow of information will make you more flexible when making decisions that affect your website’s traffic.

Consider ease of use

The software must be as simple as possible to minimize the learning curve and reduce the number of resources you use in training. It should allow you and other users to retrieve the information they need in a quick and intuitive way. A software that gives the team a hard time to use can become troublesome and negate all the benefits it has. Ask the vendor about the typical implementation timescale and whether the software allows user customization.

Price and operational costs

All web analytics producers must be transparent when it comes to price and operational costs. Go to someone else if the current provider is constantly avoiding this subject. You should be in a position to identify the modules available for the add-ons and how much each will cost. Ask the vendor whether you will need to add other features to the system for it to work well.

Consider the channel features

You need to determine how many online marketing channels you have in the business. Consider whether this number will increase in the next few years. Then ask the vendor whether the tool will provide a lifetime solutions or whether you will need to update it at one time. You need to determine how the channel will handle marketing attribution and what mobile capabilities the software has.

Once you have shortlisted the features of the channel, determined the current price plus possible costs and tested the software, you should have a good idea about a tool that matches your business needs. For more resources, the Clickback Inc. website may provide you with additional information.

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